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Everyone has a story.  I remember every story of every person I have ever photographed.  I hope my photos tell those stories, whether subtle or direct.

Who are you?  What story do you have to tell?   What do you want people to think and feel when they look back at your images 3 generations from now.  What do you want to tell us about your children?  Is it their 4 year old Easter Mini or your 7 year old's dream of being a pilot captured forever.

As a mom, I was always behind the camera.  I am missing from much of my son's story, until now.  I am changing that.  My dad was gone at 35 and I have only 2 photos of him and I. Do you exist in photos?  Are you present in your children's story?  

As a second generation photographer, I have realized the value of being in photographs and of capturing the most important memories of your life.  While cute photos with fun props have a purpose, (I shoot those too), my passion lies deeper.   I want to see inside the person in front of my lens and capture who they trul are.  Whether at the beginning of life or nearing the end of it, everyone has a story and it is so important tell it.

I am Renata, I am your storyteller.

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Renata, Portrait Photography, TEMPO Photography, Collingwood
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