Frequently asked questions

How long does an explainer video take to complete?

Typically, 3 weeks. The actual time depends on how fast we get your feedback and how many iterations it takes before approval.

What is included in your package?

We provide all services to create the video. From script writing to professional voiceover to the final video delivery.

How many rounds of revision is allowed?

Typically, 2 rounds of revision is enough before we get approval. We don't necessarily put number to the revisions allowed. However, we do expect clients to give us a comprehensive feedback in the first draft and narrow down the changes from there.

Do you offer videos in different social media formats like Facebook or IG?

Yes, just request this once the video is final and approved.

When do I get the opportunity to give feedback?

Here are the video production stages we follow: 1) Scirpt 2) Conceptualization 3) Storyboard 4) Voiceover 5) Animation/Video Delivery

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